Initiated by the recent Northern Rivers flood disaster, the BDC Northern Rivers Fast Box is a design created for easy assembly to provide a fast, comfortable shelter solution.

As BDC has done in the past with the 2019 Mount Ulawun volcano in PNG, we have designed and implemented a quick solution to provide an emergency roof for families. Starting at only $29,000, this design is a flat pack that is assembled onsite, constructed from EPS Panel and a steel frame C section subfloor that’s easy to assemble, with limited trade background.

The Northern Rivers Fast Box 3600 Specifications & Inclusions:

  • Bathroom Size Internal: 2400mm x 1000mm
  • Bathroom inclusions: toilet, vanity unit (600w x 500D), shower base (1000W X 900 D), tapware and vinyl floor. 600mm x 600mm bathroom window.
  • Kitchenette includes small sink, 1800mm wide.
  • Sliding entrance door:  2400mm wide x 2100 height.
  • Windows:  1200mm wide x 800 height (quantity x 2)
  • Flooring: Construction Board (optional floating floor)
  • Wall Panel: 50 mm EPS panel.
  • Roof Panel: 50mm EPS Panel.
  • Footing system: Concrete pads or stumps.

The Northern Rivers Fast Box comes in 3 models:

The 2400, 3600 (pictured above) & 4800 Series.

All models contain a flat-pack design that can be easily assembled onsite and constructed from EPS Panel with a steel frame C section subfloor that’s easy to assemble, even with limited trade background. Featuring a separate shower, toilet and vanity section and practical kitchenette with light and power points fitted to suit your needs, the Fast Box range can be connected to existing power, water and sewerage on properties that are uninhabitable due to disaster. With fantastic thermal ratings due to the quality Australian Manufactured EPS Panel system the Fast Box is the perfect solution to emergency hosting needs.

2400 Series


Length = 6000
Width = 2400
Height = 2400

Sq.m = 14.4

3600 Series


Length = 6000
Width = 3600
Height = 2400

Sq.m = 21.6

4800 Series


Length = 6000
Width = 4800
Height = 2400

Sq.m = 28.8

We’d love to tell you more about the Fast Box range and why it’s so special. Contact us for more information.