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BDC Global Group Has Extensive Experience in Disaster Recovery

Following the 2019 Mount Ulawun volcanic eruption in Papua New Guinea, the team found emergency shelter for 8,000 locals in less than 12 hours and over subsequent months, they helped communities produce a range of affordable and sustainable housing, adapted to local conditions.

“The basic principle that applied in PNG was “we can help communities not only recover, but become self-sustaining."
BDC Global Group has extensive experience in disaster recovery. Our company specialises in helping communities survive and thrive in the face of the most challenging disasters and critical incidents.”

Matt FidlerBDC Global Group CEO

Mt. Ulawan Eruption Key points:

  • Lava has cut the New Britain Highway at three locations
  • Flights into the local Hoskins Airport have been cancelled due to the ash plume
  • Satellite imagery shows the eruption plume reaching heights of between 13 and 15 kilometres

Ulawun is the highest and steepest of all the volcanoes in PNG and is considered to be one of the six ‘high-risk’ volcanoes in the country, according to the Papua New Guinea Geological Survey.

While Ulawun has produced small eruptions periodically for the past few decades, the last eruptions of this scale occurred in September 2000 and again in May 2001. Read more here.

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