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More Than a Construction Company

BDC Global is More Than a Construction Company

Yes, we create outstanding and affordable housing solutions, across countries and sectors. As our name suggests, however, we also have a powerful track record of building trust, security and community confidence in the harshest environments and most challenging global conditions.

At BDC Global, innovation is always built-in. Constantly pushing the envelope in terms of design, materials and flexibility, our team is dedicated to ongoing improvement in all our construction projects.

BDC Global Group’s range of modular products are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • ​Primary Dwellings
  • Disaster Relief Accommodation
  • ‘Dual Occupancy’ – Second + Dwelling on one site / title
  • ‘Granny Flats’, Dependent Person’s Units (DPU’s)
  • Remote &/or Satellite Dwellings / Villages (including Amenities Units)
  • Second Dwellings on Farms (Workers Accommodation, Passive Income)
  • Portable Offices / ‘Pop Up Shops’ including Coffee Café Shops
  • Site Offices / Worker’s Accommodation / Miners Huts
  • ALL Products Have ‘Off the Grid’ Options
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Mobile Medical / Doctors rooms

How We Got Here

BDC Global was incorporated in 2019, after an intensive four-year spell of research and development.

Starting out in Papua New Guinea, our task was to provide robust yet affordable living for residents with few means. Soon, we found ourselves working across the greater South Pacific Region, barely able to keep up with demand.

We also discovered an untapped market for our ground-breaking products in Australia and New Zealand. As property prices soar, the demand for smart, self-contained modular housing is increasing.

On top of this, we are seeing increased calls to accommodate farm, FIFO and mining workers, in remote and rural areas. There is enormous potential in the commercial market, too, where our versatile, modular pop up shops and portable offices are finding new purpose – in retail, healthcare, entertainment and education.

Our Vision

To supply safe, comfortable and affordable housing to everyone who needs it, across the greater South Pacific region and within Australia and New Zealand.

By building sustainable, affordable small cabin homes wherever they’re needed, we can help build sustainable and resilient communities – while also protecting the environment.

Our Commitment

To provide – free of charge – a classroom, mobile medical facility, sports changeroom or local pop up shop for every 10 expandable homes purchased in a particular province.

We believe commerce and community go hand in hand, but sometimes they need a little help. We want this to be the BDC Global legacy – empowering remote, developing communities to find their own rhythm and determine their own future, while helping organisations house their workforce safely, securely and affordably.

Let Us Create Your Dream With Our Dynamic Designs and Product Flexibility


We offer sustainable, modular and affordable housing to suit the remotest locations.

There for you

We build robust relationships to last the test of time, delivering premium results.


Our team draws on specialist expertise, in every field, to tailor housing solutions.

Suit your budget

Our team crafts quality, on-budget housing solutions that deliver and endure.